Jesus may save but God backs up



Few things in ICT are as important as having a good backup to fall back on when "IT" hits the fan.

Use Signet cloud backup services to add to your existing backup strategy and give yourself a greater roll back and recovery scope.

Client side software, installed onto your Sage server, automates daily backup of selected data into your own private and secure storage area located on one of our Syncrify/VSFTP servers.

Backup of Sage Pastel Advantage, Xpress Advantage and VIP Payroll files is done using Syncrify client software which is installed and configured for a once off fee of $50 per server.  Customers can use the self service restore features of this software to restore the last backup made.

Older data can be injected into the self service restore area by a Signet backup operator on request.

Backup of MS SQL data from Sage Evolution is done using "SQL Backup and FTP" client software.  The price of this software ranges from FREE to $79 dollars per server. The free version of this software limits the selection to no more than two databases and does not provide AES encryption. ZIP backups of databases can be restored from the VSFTP server using FTP command line from Windows PCs or FTP clients such as Cyber Duck and FileZilla.

The installation and setup of the required client software is done by Signet via a remote AMMYY or TeamViewer link.

Signet charges a monthly fee of $25 per server for 30GB of backup storage space.

Typical Partner/Xpress/VIP Syncrify backups are less than 5GB and as such the account can hold up to seven days worth of daily backups and depending on the remaining storage space, up to twelve weekly backups.

The number of zipped backups "SQL Backup and FTP" can store depends on the size of databases. Typically twelve weeks of zipped daily backups from Sage Evolution databases sits comfortably within the initial 30GB allocation.

 Storage space may be increased as and when required for an extra $1 per Gigabyte per month.